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Chatbots Development

A chatbot is an automated program for round-the-clock online communication with a client on behalf of a brand or company, which can be successfully used as an alternative way to reach the company when a customer needs assistants/help.

Why Chatbots?

  • Communicate relevant information to the customer efficiently and quickly.
  • Can directly assign the chat to manager, which reduces bureaucracy in decision making and reduce staff cost
  • A chatbot is a long-term investment that will be available to your customer anytime.
  • A chatbot allows you to quickly build brand trust when a customer can quickly reach your business for questions and "warm-up" leads. 
  • It becomes easier to analyze behavioral factors and characterize the target audience, which will help you in setting up your ad campaigns and marketing strategy.
  • Collect contacts when interacting with customers, and you can use those for marketing your blogs.

The combination of all these benefits guarantees you increased sales and business development.

Types of chatbots: 

Chatbots can be used for different purposes. It is not only a business tool through which you capture all the leads and continuously sell them goods or services. 

A chatbot can perform a purely practical function. For example, a technical support bot, in which you accumulate frequently asked questions, problems, and user comments, offloads the telephone line and simplifies the life of managers.

Also, chatbots are now actively used by owners of online stores. Not only to accept complaints or suggestions but also directly in the sales process. A person who chooses the model that interests him, color, and size directly indicates his contact details and order details and pays the bill.

If you use chatbots correctly, you can successfully automate business processes, reduce website abandonment, or make life easier for some staff members.


Platforms which Chatbots can be created:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Internal site bots

You can create a chatbot for any platform in theory, but this format works successfully in instant messengers. 


Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook Messenger chatbot is our favorite and most tested format chatbot. It can perform any function, both technical and purely business. One thing is clear - chatbots in Messenger work!

It is pretty simple to write, very flexible in design, and be simple. The main advantage here is that a Facebook chatbot can be advertised, which means that you can multiply your profits and attracts many new customers.

Mark Zuckerberg presented us with an excellent, almost intuitive advertising tool, which allows you to spin everything. For bots, there is even a separate goal in setting up an advertising campaign - messages. That is, the algorithm selects for you an audience that is in the messenger and is more likely to enter into correspondence.

Our customers often order Facebook chatbots for selling services, and their results are excellent.


Telegram Chatbots

Such bots work best for customer support, news alerts, and engagement (tests, questionnaires, entertainment content). This is because it is almost impossible to promote and advertise a bot in Telegram since this messenger did not provide us with an advertising account and the possibility of a target (perhaps this is for the best). 

So this kind of bot works great for brands with an already acquired customer base that they don't want to lose. In Telegram, you can create a stronghold of customer support, where they will be happy to contact and notify them about news, discounts, promotions, seasonal offers. 

The format of e-mails is gradually fading, and it is being replaced by instant messengers. Hurry up to settle there while your competitors are just entering a request for chatbots in Google.


Viber Chatbots

Due to the greater prevalence of Viber compared to Telegram and the similarity of the format to regular SMS, companies often use this network to confirm orders and notify about special offers.

However, you can create chatbots in Viber too. For example, the well-known company IQOS Ukraine actively uses a bot in this messenger for continuous customer support, holding contests, and announcing promotions. They even manage to post video instructions.

Of course, this affects the credibility of the name, while the maintenance itself is free.
So do not limit yourself to mailing; that’s the past!


WhatsApp Chatbots

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, you can set up an advertising campaign so that when a user clicks, a message is sent to the messenger through a chatbot and process.

This makes life easier and makes WhatsApp flexible to engage new users, not just support existing ones. In general, it is a good tool.


How to develop a chatbot?

Any chatbot, first of all, must have a purpose and logic. It would help if you decided what platform you want to create and what it will be intended for.

After that, you need to make some logic. You can do it yourself or leave this task for us.

After approval of the main idea and logic of the bot, we start development. Terms and specifics of work depend on the client's requirements, but on average, it takes from three days to a week.

Next, we test the bot, check all branches and automatic responses, correct the forms, and deliver responses. For some projects, we practice test launching of advertising and, based on the passage of the chatbot by users; we correct problem areas where people end their correspondence.

After completing all these steps, the bot is activated on your website and works for you continuously.

This tool is very flexible for making changes, adding new images, text, other information, and mailings. The main thing for you is to create a bot body. Then you can spin it endlessly.


Chatbot development 

Intellectus Agency got seriously infected with the idea of developing chatbots; we created our own and are happy to write bots for our clients who want to try new sales and engagement channels. 

You can order the development of a chatbot for one of the platforms from us at a very competitive price.  Please send us a request on the site or call us. The results will be objectively astonishing.

Chatbots help optimize business processes, open new sales channels and increase lead generation. This flexible tool can be easily tailored to the needs of the business and endlessly developed.

  • Messenger / Telegram / WhatsApp / Viber
  • dedline from 10 days
  • Price from 500$