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Internet marketing

The Intellectus Agency team has been engaged in internet marketing for over 5 years. We realized the main thing during this time: only an integrated approach allows us to achieve the desired results.

Comprehensive Internet Marketing 

Every marketing tool, be it SEO, contextual advertising, SMM, etc., is certainly good in its way. But only a bunch of all the tools gives a good result. 

Online marketing is constantly working to improve the product, content, and website. There is a significant difference between online website promotion and 5 years ago. It is no longer enough to buy links - you need a set of services and measures to attract traffic. 

There are no universal marketing strategies; it needs to be built considering the specifics of the business and the interests of the target audience. 

To implement an integrated marketing approach, it's crucial to have a staff of specialists who can cover a wide variety of tasks.

Our service in Internet Marketing?


1. We analyze your website and target market: 

- We delve into the specifics of the niche, analyze the product and ways of selling it, learn more about the company and competitors; 
- We analyze the existing site, usability, advertising campaigns, and all marketing activities of the organization; 
- Then, draw up a work plan for the project. 

2. We improve the design and appearance of the website: 

- We make technical optimization: website acceleration, adaptability, integration with services; 
- Setting up metrics, and implement an analytics system; 
- We introduce technical support to make changes to the site promptly. 

3. We generate and attract traffic to your website: 

- We determine the channels for attracting traffic to the website relevant to your market audience, set up and launch advertising campaigns; 
- SEO; 
- Contextual advertising; 
- Maintenance and advertising in social networks - etc. 

4. Report and result analyze: 

We create a summary report with the total number of traffic from online advertising and indicators of each traffic channel's economic efficiency.

Benefits using an integrated approach? Increased attendance, orders, sales, improved behavioral factors, increased customer confidence, customer engagement, and loyalty to the brand, resulting in increased repeat sales.